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Taking Car out of Storage

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Taking Car out of Storage Empty Taking Car out of Storage

Post by maxima_tyler on Sun Apr 13, 2014 11:23 pm

Hey Fam,

So my car has been in sleeping in the garage since september, and im going to be taking it out of storage on wednesday. Since i was gone and I wasnt home to prep it for storage properly (my parents used it for a couple days after i left then put it in the garage) so even though i told them how to store it, i doubt it was done properly.

When i take it out, im checking fluid levels, and changing the oil right away, and putting fresh gas in it. I'll also check the tires to make sure they dont have a flat spot.

Is there anything else i should check for? anything else i should do? i've never had to put a car into storage before, so im not sure exactly whats involved in taking it out. Any advice helps.



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Taking Car out of Storage Empty Re: Taking Car out of Storage

Post by ruckusx2 on Mon Apr 14, 2014 10:57 am

u pretty much got it. check tires (should move the car out and back in the garage a couple of time thru the winter to avoid flat spots) oil change top up all fluids put like $20 in new gas then drive the tank empty and fill up with good gas. should use moth balls or bounce bounty sheets to keep the inside fresh and not get that musty smell. and if you have a manual trans the leave it in 1st with the ebreak off or your breaks could seize. other then that do what your doing & let her warm up good be for driving.

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